Since 1968, the Hofbräuhaus has occupied the same spot in a quiet lane in the serious heart of Melbourne’s business district where we go about the serious business of giving our friends a rip-roaring good time. The Hofbräuhaus brought some much-needed Bavarian froth and fröhlich to the slightly conservative Melbourne CBD of the 60s – and has continued to do so as Melburnians quickly caught on and caught up. Now, nearly half a century later, the citizens of this totally cosmopolitan city know there is really only one place in town where you can let yourself out for a mighty good time with the best bier, the best food, the best music and – best of all – the best people. Against the rising tide of franchised predictability, the Hofbräuhaus set its course in 1968 and continues to march to its own beat. With no corporate puppeteers pulling our strings from afar, Hofbräuhaus Melbourne is independently owned and fiercely independent. Heading the Hofbräuhaus team, Chris Zechner and Eugen Zerdanowski strive to maintain the ethos of Hofbräuhaus which is – and has always been – to bring to the people of Melbourne the very essence of Bavarian hospitality, serving only the best products of the best Bavarian producers. There is, they say, no place for corporate hatchet – think in the vital matter of showing people a good time.
For the past four years or so, we have gently changed the direction of the Hofbräuhaus to meet the needs and expectations of today’s discerning Melburnians, serving the best German food in Melbourne.
And, most importantly, we’ve thrown off the restrictive shackles of Munich’s corporate breweries and spread our wings to source the very finest biers, schnapps and liquors from the best boutique producers in Bavaria.

We’re independent. We’re free. We’re happy.

And it shows.


Visit Hofbräuhaus and get the real Bavarian experience.