Small Goods

Looking for quality products from Germany and Austria?

The Hof Hospitality Group is a leading provider of quality food and beverage products with clients across Australia, UAE, India and the Bavarian region. They depend on us to provide quality products that are essential to the everyday running of their businesses. Established in 2005 with the objective of enhancing the independent companies in a market place dominated by big chains. 

The concept of Hof Hospitality Group started in 2005 in an 800-seat restaurant based out of Western Sydney. It was there that entrepreneur Chris Zechner started putting together his team to start the movement towards independent company products. The board of directors have a strong affiliation with the Bavarian region and have developed what was a small restaurant into a global company. Expanding from hospitality into food production, import and export of quality products from Europe and Australia. Our company philosophy is to ensure that the consumer receives quality independent products at an affordable price.


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